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What Students Say

I started training a few years back and although I do not get on the mat nearly as much as I would like the training stays with me in everything I do.

Being able to focus and channel my energy in all my daily activities has improved my business and my life in more ways than I could list here.


Wayne Goodman


I came to aikido as a martial art but I no longer see it that way. Other martial arts I've practised taught me how to fight. Aikido has taught me how not to fight. Aikido has challenged, reduced and in some cases even removed conflict and opposition from my daily life. I had no idea aikido would do this, no expectation it would reach so far, and have such a positive impact on my life.


The vast majority of the oppositions and conflicts we create in our everyday lives are created by us (or have their origins in us).


If I practise grounding, relaxation, awareness, centring, and I attempt to embody all of this and everything else aikido can teach me, my daily life is better, for me and for everyone I meet.


Paul Diamond


Aikido has given me my confidence back and more so. I have learnt to be calmer, grounded, more positive, more aware, not just about myself, but more aware of others around me. I've learnt to be happy again and be more engaging with the people around me at work and at home.


I don't go to our dojo to learn self-defence, I go to better myself and hopefully benefit the lives of my fellow students and Sensei.


I have been practicing Aikido for just over two years and it has changed my life for the better.


Jan Wallace


Aikido is most definitely a practice that you can bring into your daily world. It is far more powerful than you imagine it can be at first, but when you begin to experience and then trust in its power, the outcomes are incredible. Power is not to do with size


Shari Khan - Business Owner at Trainsform


I practised with Quentin for about ten years.  I was shown how to relax properly and to know how it felt to be relaxed.  This stopped the regular stiff neck I used get.  I learnt how to be more confident dealing with the aggression of others.  I am better at dealing with pain and stress.

Phil Baumbach


My son and I started training with Quentin in August 2016. Initially I was just taking my son along for a taster but they suggested that I take part as well.  I have found the whole experience to be highly positive, both on a personal and professional level.  On a personal level I feel that I am more  patient and accepting with what happens in life and better able to deal with any consequences.


On a business level ( I run my own bespoke recruitment agency )  I have seen month on month increase in sales resulting in my last quarter sales being 6 times that of the same quarter last year.

Steve Calder  - Owner of Timber Frame  Jobs

It's easier for me to recognise the wider life lessons in a completely new to me physical form (aikido), than the one I'm used to (horses). It's exceedingly useful for me to learn these things in this new form and then go "aha, well of course this applies in horsemanship (and life) too!"

Working in a dojo with space well held is a refreshing feeling. Nobody is pandering to me because I'm a minority gender there. They are adjusting to me where *I* set the rules (e.g. if I don't want to fall), and men are just as likely to show me where I have left myself open to attack as they would another man. They also challenge me to keep up! It's sad that this feels weird because it's unusual in wider life.

Kathryn Knock - Confidence Coach

              Burwell Aikido Club, 16 Low Road, Burwell, Cambridgeshire. CB25 0EJ  Tel. 07802 857 150 

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