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Burwell Aikido Club was founded by Quentin Cooke in 1992 and he is the principal teacher.


We are a thriving and friendly club and  we take a great deal of care to ensure that it is a safe place to train.


The membership is very diverse, with students of all shapes and sizes and ethnicities having passed through our doors.  There is  a wide range of ages ranging from children of 10 through to more senior citizens.  There is also a good balance of men and women.  We believe that diversity greatly enriches the practice of Aikido.  


We are committed to the inclusion and support of all members regardless of race, color, age, culture, ability, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, religious or political affiliations and socioeconomic status.

We support diversity in our membership by:


  • Encouraging awareness of appropriate, welcoming language.

  • Encouraging positive connection through our practice.

  •  Whenever possible, making it possible for students who have financial difficulties to to practice by either reducing or waiving fees altogether.


The focus of the club is to show how the principles within aikido can be applied to daily life to improve life generally. 


In aikido, you bring your true self to the mat, whatever your background, and in order to make progress, you have to acknowledge and accept who you are and then seek to change the bits that get in the way of positive progress.  It is a transformational process that helps students fulfill their true potential.


We are a founding member of Aikido for Daily Life, which is a member of the British Aikido Board.  


Burwell Aikido Club is also a member of Aiki Extensions and of Peace Dojos International.


                    Burwell Aikido Club, 16 Low Road, Burwell, Cambridgeshire. CB25 0EJ  Tel. 07802 857 150 


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